Monday, August 16, 2010

Mexican Music that Features Trumpets or Sometimes Woodwinds

Dear Mexican Music that Features Trumpets or Sometimes Woodwinds,

Nothing says, 'Andale' like you do. Am I a fan? Who isn't?

The best news is I don't have to seek you out, you come to me like something that is attracted to something else, like maybe an insect to light or like rain to situations when we'd prefer to not have rain because that seems to happen a lot... There I am, walking on the sidewalk, and here you come, with each passing '88 Toyota truck, filling the air with your hand-clapping beats, your rhythm and your smoove-ness. It's the sound that announces, 'that man's stereo is working quite well if we are judging functionality on decibel level.'

Muchas Gracias. Y no me digas 'de nada' porque no es nada, lo que haces es algo muy grande.

Con sinceridad,

pedestrians everywhere


  1. I just found your blog and my Mexicanity wanted to reach out to you to say that I loved this post. Gracias. Don't say de nada know.

  2. Emily, I just found your comment. It's un dia grande, indeed. -- James