Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girls Taking Pictures of Themselves From Above

Dear Girls Taking Pics From Above,

We get it. You have boobs... at least from this angle.

But guess what -- you don't see me holding my camera at my knees and taking pictures of myself. I'm not going around posting pictures trying to accentuate a bulge. And why don't I do it? Because that would be ridiculous.

And yet, I keep on seeing pictures like this:

Look ladies, don't expect guys to respect your opinion when you feel obligated to consistently volunteer what you look like from an NBA center's perspective. You are advertising lust and little else, so if that is not the message you want to be sending.... you should consider a change in lifestyle.




  1. LOL, I love it, James :) Sometimes we take pictures from above because our eyes look bigger from that angle too ;)

  2. "An NBA Center's perspective." Ha! Very funny.

  3. Dear Maybe_a_princess,

    It's being done to make eyes appear bigger? Does that work?


  4. It isn't the classiest thing in the world but I can think at least one practical application. Being somewhat vertically challenged myself, these overhead shots allow me to appreciate what a basketball player's perspective might be like. It's a public service to short guys everywhere.

  5. LoL...I checked the most popular post and landed here...Will be looking forward to your posts on Wednesdays, which makes it tomorrow...:)
    Happy Blogging Dear!

  6. 'NBA center's perspective'... that's a good one. I've completely given up trying to understand women. Why would anyone bother to take such pics, right? What I also don't get is when you're looking at their breasts, they get angry, while they're obviously trying their best to show them to you. I just don't get that.

  7. Well (above comment) if we are apparently doing it to make our eyes bigger (first comment) then you can see the frustration. Or maybe you can't see the frustration because you're looking at our boobs.

    - Ash

  8. Doing that is almost as bad as the duck face >.<
    Anyways just wanted to say i like your style of blog with each one being a letter :)

  9. Dear the writer of this post.

    I disagree with you! I love those types of shots of woman! They are sexy.



    1. Yeah, that is the problem Bersercules. Most of the time the "women" are under 16 and you will goto jail in most places.

      Get your mind out of the gutter and respect women. Perhaps society will finally get back to looking at a woman as more than a place to stick what you are obviously thinking with.

  10. Fat chicks are the number one violators. This should be a criminal offense. Lets lock these ladies up and take pictures of their beer guts from the bottom/up! Women with nice ab's show some class!