Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dear PeOpLe WhO TYpE LiKE ThIS,

Thank you.

Seriously, I appreciate it when I see that kind of typing, as it instantly tells me "you won't want to read this sentence."

I know instantly that if I persist and read the sentence, I'll be left with something like: OMG! JoBrOThRS aT thE TaNNinG SaLOn. And that's not a sentence I need to be reading. So thanks for the heads up.

I do wonder what the most intelligent thing that has ever been typed like that is... It would be interesting to run into a sentence like this: lEtS RUn a STaTiSTiCaL ReGResSiON!! or ThE MaRKeT'S liKE 2Nd BreAk EvEN POiNT iS iN tHe ThiRD QuArTER!! But I don't see it happening for some time.

Until then, thanks again for the advanced notice,



  1. What's sad is that we one day might actually see serious political commentary or news coming to us in this form. I wouldn't worry too much though because soon after that the world will come to an end.

  2. I've seen boys type like that too. People thinks it's 'artsy' but really, it's just headache inducing.

  3. Perhaps those sorts of typers have bum fingers? No. On second thought, they're idiots.

  4. Glad to have found you. You are definitely the kind of person I like to read.

    Adding you to my blog reader now.

    I followed you and liked you. And someday in the near future I will link you.

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I Hate that crap. I don't know why the really want to get doing that, I mean, it's stupid and doesn't have any sense.

  6. Why the hell do people type like this on the websites I go on: HeLlO tHeRe I lOvE yOu....Thats an example, and I HATE people who type like that! Ok, if your listening just say "I" If you agree.

  7. 5 words to these people: "You son of a bitch!"