Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pen Manufacturers

Dear BIC,

You've been making pens for a pretty long time. Are we ever going to get to the point where they work?

I like a pen that looks nice and has an ergonomic design and all that... but I really would just like to not use my pen for a few days and then find it works without having to scribble violently on scrap paper for five minutes. Is that too much to ask? We've got a digital clock that is powered by dead flies, and we can't seem to make a pen that functions for more than a week. What's that? You want me buy an expensive pen in order to find one that works? How about - no. How about you stop selling things labeled as pens if ink does not flow from their cavities.

Step up your game BIC before I switch back to pencils.


Millions of People Who Can See Ink Left In Their Pen That Does Not Write
PS - I'm writing you this letter online instead of writing it on paper because all my pens are busted.


  1. So true. Al Gore should be after this company.

  2. Holy crap YES! It's a good thing we all steal them from businesses because it's frustrating enough that they don't work without the added frustration of actually having paid for them.

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