Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Shampoo Companies,

In in the early 1900s Americans shampoo-ed once a month. Now, some shampoo twice a day. Who is in the right?

In coming to a decision, we must consider the factors at play. Did people shampoo less back in the day because they were: (a) too poor (b) didn't bath much to begin with... or (c) knew more about hair care than modern scientists? Conversely, do people shampoo more now because: (a) advertising tells us to wash, rinse and repeat... or (b) we know more about hair care?

As an interesting side debate, do people shampoo more now because they tend to swim more? Chlorine can really damage hair. If you look at the swimsuits from the 1900s, it's easy to see why people avoided the pool... I'm pretty sure these things are wool:

Take a look at the hair on those three. The guy in the middle and the lady on the left have nice hair. That girl on the right not so much. What can that tell us about shampoo? I'm not sure.

Or maybe people used shampoo less way back when because it was a much easier time... back then it's not like people worked much with their hands, so they didn't get as dirty as we do now.

Or maybe not.

So, shampoo companies, I would like to know how often I am supposed to shampoo. I presently lean towards shampoo-ing infrequently, especially when I run out of shampoo and forget to buy more.


My Hair

READERS: if you have any strong or not strong opinions on this pivotal topic, please share in comments.


  1. When shampoo first came out, the major problem was that people heard shamPOO and then got grossed out because of the emphasis on 'poo'. It has taken 3 billion years to overcome poo prejudice. And we still have a long way to go.

  2. Ceejay, this is brilliant. Poo -- got it.

  3. Well, you know, there is a "no poo" movement on the internet right now. I actually haven't used shampoo since January....I can't believe I just put that out on cyberspace, but I guess the secret is out. :-) KPM (your cousin's wife)

  4. Shampoo is a good idea; on the other hand, conditioner is bullshit.

  5. I'd prefer everyone shampoo daily. That eases my mind.

  6. Dear Dr Cynicism,

    If that's what it takes, I'll spread the word.

  7. Shampoo is great, and i know so much people will disagree but I prefer conditioner, I think it helps to get a soft hair.