Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girls' Night Out

Dear Girls' Night Out,

Well played.

There is no aptly named male equivalent. Man party? Dude gathering? Sausage fest? The only images conjured are negative ones. The implication clear -- girls didn't want to hang out with us... we couldn't get dates... this party sucks.

You on the other hand, Girls' Night Out, seem organized and exclusive. You've got your stuff together. I don't really know what you do, but I imagine it's a super fun time that involves trading tampons.

Yes, the men may have a better slogan, Bros before Hoes. but you have the better hangout name. In fact, men don't even have a name. And until they do, they don't have a chance.


Stuck at a Dude Party


  1. I've always liked Sword Fight. And mancation is pretty cool if you are in the wilderness. With a bunch of dudes.

  2. Not only do girls have a better name, but when you have a group of ladies, having a Girls Night Out, they inevitably get drinks purchased for them as well. Most likely from jealous men wishing their sausage fest a few table over was as much fun.

  3. I thought Friday nights in mancaves stood for shrinkage and viagra talks. Am I wrong? No girl bribes anyone to wear wire for sausage fest but slumberparties and girlsnightout - too many offers.

  4. Dude brood? A schlong along?
    Ladies even get entire nights named for them (Ladies' Night in case I needed to spell it out). A small karmic payback.

  5. Hmmm I just call it "Boys Night." No 'out.' The 'out' makes it kind of feminine.

  6. I guess we are privileged ones...But you guys go for a game, drink, shout and have a great time...There is no need for a name as long as you have fun...
    Girls night out can be extremely boring at times...

  7. Sausage party!

    But guys have a guys night out thing... its when a bunch of guys play D&D in their parents basement... fun...

  8. Steve Bailey's comment made me laugh.

  9. Boys Evening In - that just sounds like a place for a pedophile to hang out.

    I really enjoyed this post. Hope some people come over from twitter to get a good chuckle.

  10. Here in Scotland it's called a Stag Party for men and Hen Party for girls ... which makes it sound like we walk around picking at bits of corn on the ground. I'm going to go ahead and say the men win on this one.

    And yes, tampon trading is exactly what happens.

    - Ash