Wednesday, February 8, 2012

George Foreman

Dear George Foreman,

This letter isn't about your grill. It's about your 10 children. Five of them are boys. All five are named George. They all have the same middle name too.

Thank you for doing something I would never think would be done.

I sure hope nobody at your house has a lazy eye though, as that would cause serious mayhem. You would never know who was talking to who.

Either way, I bet everyone in your family is crazy. And that you would make great reality TV.


Somebody who will give their kids different names


  1. He named his first daughter Georgetta. I'm glad he didn't continue on with that trend with the rest of the girls.

    I just wonder if he got hit so much he couldn't think of any other names, or he is really in to himself.

  2. I knew one guy,he was in my team and his family had this tradition where every first born male had to be named say "x" and ever first born girl had to bee named "y". Think about get-togethers and family dinners. reenact of my Greek fat wedding-"nick nicknick......."
    You could send this later to Will Smith family too. jaden,Wilma,jada,william. America is running short of names

  3. I guess farmers can be politicians, too...

  4. The only way I'd use the same name for all my children would be if I named them Shadrach

  5. Wowza. Although, that's kind of brilliant. You're not gonna mess up their names..

  6. He should have just changed his own name to narcissist. But at least he didn't name any of them Apple.

  7. Is the thing you didn't think of the naming convention or being so incredibly brain-dead you don't know about vasectomies? Or is the source of wonder that his other head works better than his main?
    Also, I back meandmythinkingcap, Will and Jada may have him beat with their completely lazy child naming convention.

  8. His reasoning would make sense back in the days when school uniforms required your initials. Today, not so much.

  9. Fun fact, George Foreman spoke at my college graduation. Or was it one of his sons ... the world may never know.


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